Being a vegan is more that just what's on your plate. Vegans do not buy products made from leather, wool or silk. When it comes to buying toiletries and cosmetics, it becomes a little trickier to spot the animal products as they are listed by their chemical name. At the bottom of the page, I've included a few ingredients to look out for that are derived from animals.

Examining every item for animal products would be time-consuming and incredibly tedious! Here I've included some personal recommendations, as well as shops and businesses that sell vegan products. Visit Cruelty Free International where you can download or order The Little Book of Cruelty Free. As well as identifying the shops that sell cruelty-free products, it also identifies which shops stock vegan products.

Personal Recommendations


I love my Chelsea boots fromWills. I bought them
in November 2013.
I had around 4 years of wear before I had to have them resoled.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Urtekram's Rose shampoo and conditioner is my current fave.


Simple Animal has a range of t-shirts that are vegan and eco-friendly. I bought my t-shirt at a vegan fayre in London. A lovely, comfortable fit with a fun print of Buddy the dog!


On the High Steet

Not an exhaustive list by any means, but it's a place to start. I have not included the major supermarkets as they all have a range of vegan products.

  • Holland and Barratt - sells Faith in Nature products which are certifed by the Vegan Society. Also stocks vegan-friendly toothpaste. Some branches stock brand such as Tofurky and Frys.
  • Lush - products which are vegan will have the Vegan society symbol on the packaging.
  • Real Foods is an Ediburgh-based organic, natural and ethical retailer. They also have online shopping.
  • Superdrug - look out for Original Source shower gel. Sells other vegan-friendly products.
  • Whole Foods Market is U.S retailer that has a number of shops in London which stock a variety of vegan foods and toiletries.

Common animal ingredients to watch out for*

  • Glycerin - made from animal fats which is used in soaps, hair products and cosmetics. There is a vegetable glycerin but if the source is not listed then best to assume it is from an animal.
  • Stearic acid - found in a lot of personal care products. Comes from the stomach of slaughtered animals and the rendering process. Look out for anything beginning with 'stearo' as this will be a derivative of the acid.
  • Lanolin - derived from sheep's wool and found in skin care products.

*Source: Vegan Freak by Bob Torres and Jenna Torres, 2005



Alcohol may contain animal products such as isinglass (fish bladders), egg, milk or gelatin. Unfortunately, they are rarely, if ever, listed on the label and so some research is needed.

  • Sainsburys and the Co-Op wines are generally labelled clearly and there is a range of vegan wines to choose from.
  • Spirits tend to be vegan unless they are cream-based or are the honey version.
  • Besos de Oro is a vegan alternative to Baileys. It is available online or at some vegan fayres. (And it is delicious!)
  • Barnivore is a directory of vegan beers and wine. Also available in a mobile app.

Make Up

By no means an exhuastive list and I will be adding more. I have included the price of a lipstick in order to compare prices. As you can see there is little difference between the brands listed below.

Brand Where to buy Price (of lipstick)
B. Makeup Exclusive to Superdrug. £6.99
Barry M Boots, M&S, Superdrug £4.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Click here to visit online shop £6.95
Benecos Holland and Barrett. Click here to see a more comprhensive list of stockists. £6.95
e.l.f. Buy online from Superdrug £4.50

Better for you. Better for animals. Better for the environment.